Srhythm NC25 vs Srhythm NC35: Best Choice 2023

Whenever it comes to choosing good noise-canceling headphones, Srhythm never happens without the mention of headphones. Srhythm Headphones claims to give you good headphones at a great price, which is why people love to buy them. As you all know, the Srhythm NC25 vs Srhythm NC35 is going on with a lot of fanfare in the market, and in such a situation, you too might be confused as to which of these two headphones you should buy. Then read this article till the end and decide.

difference between srhythm NC25 and srhythm NC35

Srhythm NC25 Vs Srhythm NC35: Uncover

When you unbox these headphones, you must have seen that they come in a well-designed box, which is slightly different from other headphones. A smooth case is found inside the box, where you can keep some of your small items. The case is very compact; you can take the headphones anywhere and travel with them very easily.

comparison between srhythm NC25 vs srhythm NC35

Inside the case, you get a manual that is available in other languages. And with this, you also get a micro USB cable; this is for those situations when you are not using Bluetooth.

Srhythm NC25 Vs Srhythm NC35: Design

So now let’s talk about the design of both headphones. Whenever it comes to their appearance, both headphones look almost the same. The NC 25 is an in-ear headphone that has a soft cushion, and these headphones fit easily on your ears. You can easily adjust the earcups present in the headphones. The headphone comes in black with a stunning finish.

And on the other hand, there is the NC 35 headphone, also an in-ear headphone. These headphones have three ear tips for customization. The headphones come in a stunning matte black finish, which adds a different charm to your look.

Srhythm NC25 Vs Srhythm NC35: Sound Quality and Noise Cancellation Technology

Now, friends, let’s talk about its sound quality. Both Srhythm NC 25 and NC 35 produce a good-quality sound. My experience has been amazing. The sound quality of both is amazing and with this, the NC 35 has 10. MM dynamic drivers, which create a balanced sound. And NC 35 gives you AAC and aptX codecs for audio streaming.

You get noise cancellation features in both headphones, with the NC 25 having a slightly higher noise cancellation capability and the NC 35 having a noise cancellation mode that blocks out up to 20 dB of external noise. Both headphones do a great job at noise cancellation, but the NC 25 slightly surpasses the NC 35.

Srhythm NC25 Vs Srhythm NC35: Battery and Other Functions

Now let’s take a look at the battery life of both headphones. The battery of the Srhythm NC 25 lasts for 16 hours, and the NC 35 only lasts 8 hours. Apart from this, charging cables are available in both the headphones and the NC 25 has a micro USB cable to take advantage of wired mode. Apart from this, NC 25 has the facility of quick charging, which provides 2 hours of playback on 5 minutes of charging, so NC 25 will be a better option.

Both the SRhythm NC 25 and NC 35 headphones offer great features that make them different from other headphones. With the NC 25, you get a micro USB cable, which allows you to make hands-free calls, and on the other hand, the NC 35 has an in-line microphone, which gives you pretty good control. You get Bluetooth 5.0 features in both headphones. Which is important for connectivity.

  • Best Value

    Srhythm NC25 Wireless Headphones

    • Digital Active Noise Cancelling Technology(ANC)
    • Hear the Natural
    • 50H Playtime with Type-C Interface
  • Budget Pick

    Srhythm NC35 Wireless Headphones

    • World-Leading Digital Active Noise Cancelling (ANC)
    • Elegant Appearance & Tiny Lightweight Folding
    • Fast Charge&50+Hours Enjoyment

Srhythm NC25 Vs Srhythm NC35: Connectivity Comparison

In terms of connectivity, both headphones feature wireless Bluetooth connectivity for cord-free listening. With both headphones, you get a cable, which you can use whenever your first priority is your phone’s battery. Connectivity plays a very important role in Bluetooth, so let’s see.

  • The NC 25 headphones do not indicate which Bluetooth they use. So it probably uses an older version.
  • In contrast, there is the NC 35, which uses Bluetooth 5 technology, which provides better connectivity, range, speed, and stability compared to older Bluetooth.

Tabular Comparison

FeauturesSrhythm NC25 Srhythm NC35
Amazing powerful bass clear mids and highOver-ear headphone design with cushioned earpadIn-ear headphones with three ear tips
Sound QualityAmazing powerfull bass clear mids and highwell-balanced audio with emphasis on midrange
Noise- cancellingNoise- cancelingYou get 20 dB with headphones. Helps prevent noise
Battery Life
Upto 16 hrsUpto 8 hrs
AdditionalMicrophones, audio cables, and quick charging are available in headphones.corded microphone and remote

Srhythm NC25: Pros and Cons


  • The over-ear design gives you great fit and comfort.
  • Noise cancellation deals with noise up to 25 dB.
  • The bass of the headphones is amazing.
  • The headphones give you 16 hours of battery life.
  • You get wired and a USB cable in your headphones.
  • The headphone gives you up to 2 hours of playtime on 2 minutes of charging.


  • Sound quality may not be to the liking of those who want intense bass.
  • It may take some time to get used to pressing the buttons.
  • The audio cable may be slightly tangled.

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Srhythm NC35: Pros and Cons


  • The in-ear design provides a great fit.
  • Noise cancellation blocks out noise up to 20 dB.
  • Portable and foldable design, easy to carry
  • Remote control and microphone on cable for smooth control
  • good battery life


  • The background music comes when using noise cancellation.
  • Limited colour options

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When it comes to choosing headphones between Srhythm NC25 vs Srhythm NC35, we would suggest you buy NC 25 as it has good noise cancellation and sound quality, so you can save some money. And if you are fond of bass then you can go with NC35, but you will get other options too. Both these headphones are good in this price range. If we look at value for money then NC 25 should be the next headphone and in both these headphones, you get an IPX4 water rating.

After this, it depends on you which one you should buy because both headphones give you good sound and are a perfect fit in a very good budget range.

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